No commission

Southwark Arches transformed into a gallery space during 3 days in December (8/12/16-10/12/16) to accommodate “No Commission” art exhibition. Its title speaks for itself – there is no commission for artists and they get full amount written on the label and they also get to exhibit for free.

This Exhibition was a mixture of art, party and music. One of the artists said that “This is where street culture meets high culture”.

Variety of artworks pop culture inspired represented many international artists. No Commission exhibition in London was the third collaboration of Dean Collection and Bacardi. I visited it in the last day and almost all the artworks were sold!

The atmosphere was relaxed and people were clearly enjoying themselves. The entrance was free, you only had to register. This event was nothing like I have been to before, I think it was a success. Would definitely go again if it pops up.


The World Goes Pop!

The World goes pop is current exhibition in Tate Modern which is on unlit 24th of January, so you still time to catch it! This exhibition is very interesting from curatorial point of view as well as very informative. It has a different take on Pop Art culture: it showcases international artists, beyond traditional attribution to America and Britain.

The exhibition is created in 10 rooms each has different general theme. Like politics, consumerism, sexual revolution and civil rights. Each room has different colours on the walls which make the artworks stand out. There is a variety of medias showcased at the exhibition including flat art, sculptures and video installations. A lot of artworks combine different mediums such oil/acrylics with elements from domestic environment. Artists used a lot of non traditional art tools to create their artworks. Large canvases, bright colours of the artworks go well with bright colours of the walls. In fact, I admired how such vibrant colours as yellow, red, purple, cobalt blue can deepen the attention on the artworks and highlight the nature of exhibition.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of contemporary art, but it was very refreshing to explore Pop art international and have a look at it as a mean of protest, rather than traditional view of consumerism. Although the last room was dedicated to consumerism and western influence.

The exhibition is surrounded with different social events and talks hosted by Tate so lovers of Pop culture can engage more. Overall it was a very colourful, bald and exciting. Hurry up but you still have a chance to go and see for yourself!