Public Art in Ireland


We spent only one day in Dublin and the weather was more suitable for drinking whiskey than walking so we did not come across many art objects. We saw some sculptures here and there, but I left the city under impression that there are not many art decorations in the city.



Killarney is a luxury tourist area and there are many sculptures and decorations in the area. Different size sculptures, wall sculptures, nice shops and pubs with decorations.

I came across great photography gallery with Irish landscapes, I loved the pictures and the how the canvases are without frames and the images continue on the sides.

Mother’s Day Special

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to congratulate all mothers, grandmothers and mothers-to-be. Being a parent is a beautiful thing and it has been portrayed by many different artists throughout art history. Artists expressed admiration for motherhood in variety of ways – some artists, like Van Gogh, created portraits of their mother and you can see tenderness and love in paintings; some artist captures the most intimate moment of mother and child – breastfeeding; and many partners and photographers captured mothers during pregnancy.

I would like to list top five my favourite artworks that celebrate motherhood.

David Hockney – My Mother

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 14.45.28.png

This is the collage made from photographs portraying Davids mother at the graveyard. Mothers face is deeply moving, it makes me sympathise with her. Laura Hockney was often subject of her sons artworks, he admired her strength and character.

A. Suvorov and A. Izmodenov – Sailor’s Wife

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 14.56.14.png

This sculpture is proudly displayed in port of Russian city Novorossiysk. This bronze artwork has many unofficial titles, one of them is “Mother and Child”. Sculpture symbolises all wives and mothers waiting for their beloved mariners to return from the sea.

Gustav Klimt – Hope, II


Klimt has many paintings portraying pregnant women, mothers and children and Hope II is my favourite. It is beyond words beautiful and very deep. The painting is about life, death and hope: every new life is hope.

Howard Coster – Mother and Child


Howard Coster was a British photographer of the end 19th and beginning of 20th century. This vintage bromide print was created in 1930s and now is displayed in National Portrait Gallery. There is something about mothers’ eyes and smile that makes me look at it and admire.

Anna Rose Bain – The Wait and the Reward

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.55.13.png

Anna is a contemporary artist and a mom of two beautiful girls. She has many portraits of her children as well as self portraits during pregnancy. I think Anna captures feeling perfectly, that tenderness and love that mother experiences when waiting for her baby.

Winter Lights


When you are walking in Canary Wharf, commercial centre of London, you get the feeling like you are in New York or Singapore. Concrete Jungles, shopping centres, restaurants, bars and bright lights. This winter bright lights became even brighter!

Winter Lights is a lighting exhibitions with 31 artworks commissioned by international artists. The display is on for a short time only, and, I am afraid, it is coming to an end on 27th of January.. I only visited it yesterday, we did not finish it in one go (the main part of the exhibition is on the lower third floor and is open from 4 to 9pm), so we came back again today. If you are reading it and it is still before 9pm PLEASE go! It is amazing!

Canary Wharf is a magical place to have a walk in the evening anyways, the ice skating ring is beautiful and trees are decorated during all winter. But large scale lighting installations make it even better!


Inside lighting installations are interactive and are shaped by humans involvement. Some light screens recreate the shape of whoever is standing in front of the camera, one installation changes its lights and music according to how you shape it. One installation consist of 30,000 LEDs and their movement is triggered by brains activity. It is also a perfect place to practice your photography skills and play with exposure, many photographers spent hours trying to capture a perfect shot.

It is a beautiful collaboration of art and technology, do not miss it! And it is completely free, can’t wait to go next year!

Century Vogue

National Portrait Gallery has many beautiful exhibitions this spring and one of them is a must for fashion lovers – Vogue 100: a century of style. It celebrates a birthday for an iconic British magazine and fashion bible. The exhibition is on from 11th of February until 22nd of May, so those who are in style still have plenty of time to visit it multiple times!


The exhibition is dedicated to a long history Vogue gathering a wide range of photographs commissioned by the magazine. The retrospective is organised by decades: visitors start from the most recent room 2010s and then go backwards to 2000s and all the way to 1910s. It is nice to see it in reverse and follow how fashion was developing.

Every decade is different and you can see how trends changed in clothes, hair, make up. Some decades signify the revolution of women role in society, some address political issues in society and all this is done in a beautiful fashion manner.

Each room is full of A-list celebrities portraits by top photographers from different industries: fashion models, actors and artists. Exhibition also features 100 magazine covers and short films of how photoshoots were taken.

It is also fascinating to observe how people are dressed, it is no wonder they say that Vogue is the most iconic fashion magazine – it attracts stylish visitors.