Londoners have many opportunities to learn about Russian art these days. Tate Modern will open its doors tomorrow for art exhibition “Red Star over Russia” but today you can enjoy exhibition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Russian artists, – “Not everyone will be taken into the future”.  You can visit the exhibition until January 28.

The artworks are displayed over 10 halls and the exhibition is carefully guided, so you do not get lost and follow the path naturally.

Some installations were a bit too much for my taste, but I fell in love with some paintings and illustrations. Kabakov is also a famous illustrator for children’s books and I was fascinated by the lightness of strokes and combination of colours in his illustrations.

One section of the exhibition was dedicated to letters of Ilya’s mother. She was writing to her son and telling him about her life story. It was interesting to have a glimpse of someone else’s life, but to be honest, it was a bit tricky to read. In this section curators did a poor job: letters in Russian were positioned low so you need to sit down a bit to read them and British translations were way above your head. So it was a challenge.

All in all I enjoyed the exhibition and it was a first exhibition of such a scale for Ilya and Emilia which made it very special.



SEARCYS is a restaurant on the top floor of The Gherkin skyscraper. The restaurant occupies 39th floor with 180 degree view of London, and there is also a bar on the 40th floor with all round view.  While on the subject the view from bar is more impressive than from the restaurant, not only because it is 360 degrade but the top of the glass building looks awesome. So if you are only dining at the restaurant I would strongly recommend to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation and have some drinks there or to finish your lunch/dinner with a coffee on the top floor.

On special occasions we visited most of London top floor restaurants and SEARCYS was on our to go list for a long time. Usually the restaurant and bar are open for tenants and members, but there are special events when it is open for general public. Before Easter, two weeks before, the restaurant released tables for booking. We booked a table for 4 for such on Easter Monday Bank Holiday. The restaurant was busy during lunch and people were enjoying food, drinks and joyful atmosphere. This is not the place where you eat fast and go, you are here for the experience. The staff was friendly and helpful, menu well composed. We tried each different dishes and everyone was pleased.

The menu costs £45 for lunch and £55 for dinner, and it is a three courses menu. Barry Tonks is a renowned executive chef, who worked in many restaurant that have been awarded Michelin stars. All dishes have many components on them and even a tiny elements complements the dish. Fox example, greasy Foie Gras was complimented with acidic Granny Smith Apple and it was a perfect combination.

Main courses were all excellent, meat was melting in the mouth and fish was flaky and delicious. Even my meat-loving husband decided to go for pea and parmesan risotto and was delighted with his choice.

Desserts were good, although there were only four options, they can satisfy every taste. My personal favourite was Banana Parfait with honeycombs and salted caramel ice-cream. Dinner menu and lunch menu are different. Presentation of food was also beautiful, I personally like black plates better, food stand out more on a dark plate and colour appear more vibrant.

This is a great restaurant for business lunch, if you want to dazzle your dinner party, it is also great for special occasions, great view and great food.


Farmacy is a vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Notting Hill at 74 Westbourne Grove. I have been there twice once for dinner and once for brunch. After first visit I was intrigued by the menu and wanted to come back to taste more. The restaurant promotes healthy, organic and fresh ingredients.

The decor is very trendy, a lot of wooden elements and plenty of green plants. The restaurant was busy both times. Menus are diverse and you have large choice of meals, there are plenty of vegan options as well.

I am not a vegetarian, however, occasionally I enjoy a break from meat and dairy. And this is the ideal place for a proper vegetarian meal. Some people think that vegetarian dish is simple boiled/roasted vegetables with grains, but in Farmacy it is much more than that. Dishes are complex, well structured and are complemented with delicious dairy free sauces.

I preferred brunch to dinner and pancakes were my favourite! Light, with berry compote and a touch of coconut cream. The plating is also bright and vibrant.


Other dishes were also good, simple, but delicious. We were quite full after main courses, but we listened the recommendation of a lovely waitress and decided  to go for cookies for dessert. This is no doubt the best cookie I have tried! I could not believe that cookie without dairy could be so delicious. We are it all, every single crumble.

Overall it is a great place to eat for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Pancakes and cookies come highly recommended!

Lisson Gallery night

Today Lisson Gallery had a late nigh opening of two shows: Anish Kapoor in gallery 67 Lisson Street and Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg exhibition at 27 Bell street. Both premises are in 2 minutes walk from each other so it is easy to see both. Both exhibitions are on display from 31st March until May 6.

I saw Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg first, it attracted many views. It was not big, only two rooms with major piece in the first room. The exhibition is called ‘Who am I to Judge, or, It Must be Something Delicious,’. The artwork is crafted in animated style – sought in the moment. It is surely interesting standing there and exploring each figure individually and how they interrelate. The display is bold, definitely questioning societies’ standards and pushing boundaries. See for yourself:

Anish Kapoor often works for Lisson Gallery and it is his sixteenth exhibition there. It was very refreshing to see variety of working techniques, not only his iconic cylinder shaped plates. Many abstract works were presented over two floors of the gallery and several large scale sculptures.

Opening night was busy as always with people drinking and sharing their opinions. If you are near the gallery check out these shows.

Upcoming Fashion Exhibitions

Dear Londoners and visitors, finally spring is in the full mode and we can go outside and enjoy sunshine, go for long walks, spend lunch breaks in the parks and squares. And for our fashion-lovers this spring brings many exciting exhibitions!


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.34.44

The one I am most excited about is Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion in my beloved Victoria & Albert museum. This exhibition starts on May 27th and will be running until February next year. Past fashion exhibitions were a huge success, especially Alexander McQueen, so I can’t wait to see how the art and legacy of Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga will be displayed. Beautiful gowns, stories behind them, hats and accessories, all unfold the lifetime story of this iconic master. I expect the exhibition to be spectacular and chic, of a very high standard which V&A always maintain.

The exhibition is free for members and £12 for non-members, tickets can be booked online. If this exhibition is  going to be successful as McQuees exhibition, you should book tickets in advance.


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.35.31Kensington Palace presented Diana: Her Fashion Story  in February 2017 and it will be on display for a year, until February 2018. I have not seen it yet, but it is certainly on my to do list. The exhibition explores her early style and then shows how it developed throughout her life. Enjoy many iconic outfits, get inspired by elegant and graceful style of Britains favourite Princess Diana.

Book your tickets in advance, everything is completely sold out until May. Online booking will secure your ticket and also save you couple of pounds, online price is £17.10 and on the spot price is £19.00


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.45.25

Gudrun Sjödén: Four Decades of Colour & Design exhibition starts on 25th of April at The Fashion and Textiles Museums. You will find sketches, videos, vintage designs from company’s archives. It is only available for short time – from April 25th until May 7, you can book your tickets at the venue at £9.90.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.32.45Another upcoming exhibition at The Fashion and Textiles Museum –  The World of Anna Sui. The exhibition is on from 26 May and runs until 1 October 2017. Over 100 pieces from designers archives would be on display, demonstrating the evolution and trends of Annes style. You can book your tickets here.  Note that the museum is closed on Mondays.


Somerset House will feature  Francesca Granata – American author and Assistant Professor in the School of Art and Design History. She will be lecturing on her recent book “Experimental Fashion: Performance Art, Carnival, and the Grotesque Body”. Francesca Granata is also the editor and founder of the journal Fashion Projects. Her work has appeared in Fashion Theory, Fashion Practice, and The Journal of Design History, as well as in a number of books and exhibition catalogues. Experimental fashion explores close relationship between contemporary fashion and performance art, it also questions contemporary image of fashionable body and looks into experimental performance outfits like Lady Gaga’s costumes.

The lecture start at 6:30pm on 6th of April and last for two hours. Thickets are essential due to limited space and can be purchased only for £5 here.


So plenty things to see this spring! It is that time of the year, let’s take of our winter coats and get out there with a bit of fashion.