About Me

I was born in Russia, Moscow, and moved to London when I was 16 years old to study. During A-levels, which I did in MPW College in London, I studied Economics, Sociology, Maths and French for two years. I decided to continue studying economics for my college degree. I graduated  from University College London being awarded upper second classification degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Business and East European Studies.

Different modules taught me different things, apart from obvious knowledge of economics and business foundations, my degree also covered International Relations, Financial Management, Project Management, Statistics, Mathematics, Health Economics and even Russian Cinema of Soviet Period, which was odd, but fun.

I have been passionate about Art for many years, dreaming about being an artist myself, being involved in curating exhibitions, writing about art events and generally being around Art. I did not like pure Economics anyways.

I have decided to prolong being a student and learn about art business world.  I successfully completed MA Art Business student in Sotheby’s Institute of Art. The program was incredibly interesting and gave me opportunity to build a network, to meet special people from art world and to learn about so many different aspects. Currently I am enrolled in Shillington College, studying Digital Design. Which is very intense but fun!

My hobbies vary: I collect matches from different regions and periods, attended Sommelier Courses in UK Sommelier Association, adore to travel, paint, draw and watch movies. I also love taking pictures, so I created an Instagram account of my awesome dog  – Gavrik (too many people asked me to do it!).

This blog is about three things I love the most: travel, food and art. It is my way of sharing my experiences, covering interesting things that I do, visit, see and read. I hope you enjoy it and find useful!

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