Farmacy is a vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Notting Hill at 74 Westbourne Grove. I have been there twice once for dinner and once for brunch. After first visit I was intrigued by the menu and wanted to come back to taste more. The restaurant promotes healthy, organic and fresh ingredients.

The decor is very trendy, a lot of wooden elements and plenty of green plants. The restaurant was busy both times. Menus are diverse and you have large choice of meals, there are plenty of vegan options as well.

I am not a vegetarian, however, occasionally I enjoy a break from meat and dairy. And this is the ideal place for a proper vegetarian meal. Some people think that vegetarian dish is simple boiled/roasted vegetables with grains, but in Farmacy it is much more than that. Dishes are complex, well structured and are complemented with delicious dairy free sauces.

I preferred brunch to dinner and pancakes were my favourite! Light, with berry compote and a touch of coconut cream. The plating is also bright and vibrant.


Other dishes were also good, simple, but delicious. We were quite full after main courses, but we listened the recommendation of a lovely waitress and decided  to go for cookies for dessert. This is no doubt the best cookie I have tried! I could not believe that cookie without dairy could be so delicious. We are it all, every single crumble.

Overall it is a great place to eat for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Pancakes and cookies come highly recommended!

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