Ivan Aivazovsky

Lately Moscow rocks with temporary exhibitions. Last winter it was Serov’s exhibition that has been extended twice due to high demand. This year it is Russian seascape painter, probably one of the best known Russian painters in the world, – Ivan Aivazovsky. His canvases are selling for hundreds of thousands by leading auction houses Christies and Sotheby’s.

Large space, dimmed light and neutral walls perfectly accommodate artworks. Large Baroque style frames add significance to the paintings and perfectly complement the colours. Pallet used for Aivazovsky paintings varies: some seascapes are captured at nighttime, some during bright day.

On the Shores of the Caucasus – 1885. Sublime. When you looking at this painting you are truly consumed by it. You can feel the power of nature and how it is greater than humankind. Although it depicts the crash of the ship, highlights on the painting give some hope and you feel like people can still escape.


“A wave” 1889 Huge painting and not enough space in front to fully see it. However, it might be a curatorial idea – when you are standing so close you are boldly faced with the ocean and you are on the painting. Artist was particularly proud of this painting as he later said that it reflected all the years of his artistic experience.


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