Museum of Miniatures & Cinema

Many friends recommended me to visit Museum of Miniatures & Cinema in Lyon, France, whenever I have a chance. Finally, my road trip took me through Lyon and we spend half a day there and visited Cinema Museum. And I have to say – this museum is fantastic!

First thing I want to say is that museum was dog friendly, I was travelling with my small pom and they let us keep him during our visit. The museum is 4 floors with open stairs, like a balcony. There are a lot of benches where you can rest and even have a cigaret. Where on earth you can smoke in the museum? This is how chill and relaxed atmosphere there is…

Now about the museum itself. Museum features over 300 original film props and artefacts,  as well as real size decoration setting from movie Perfumer, countless number of miniature sets and individual objects.

There were some rooms with “Not suitable for Children” sign, containing itinerary from horror movies and sci-fi. I did not take any pictures of that section but believe me it is a lot of disturbing contents! Dead bodies, dead animals, cut open body parts, armoury.. There are some objects from famous movies like Momie, Hannibal lector, The Ring, etc. Not a pleasant view, but it’s nice to check out the accessories and tools for making horror movies. 

There were some screens with videos of make up in the making. It is very unraveling and takes a bit of magic out of the movie. Each room has OST from movies in that room. Music creates a perfect mood, it is very delicate at the background. Altogether it creates great experience! Some videos are shown about making of costumes both realistic and fantastic. It is also shown how fat costumes are made and worn on set. 

Miniatures impressed me greatly! There are individual objects and whole miniature rooms. How much effort and skill were invested in their creation. I could have spent hours only in that section.

So I repeat my friends’ advise: if you have a chance – do not miss it!

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