Botticelli Reimagined

There is another great exhibition in Victoria and Albert museum: Botticelli Reimagined and this exhibition is on until 3rd of July 2016. Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is an important figure in Early Renaissance Art and inspired many artist throughout the history. The concept of the exhibition is to show artworks that were influenced by Botticelli’s works. There are different types of artworks: video arts, sculptures, paintings, photographs, fashion costumes as well as movie episodes. In some pieces the reference and inspiration were more obvious than in others. Inspiration and reference mostly cam from Botticelli’s most famous paintings: The Birth of Venus and Primavera. However these two painting can never leave Florence there are more than 50 original works as well as works by Botticelli’s workshop and immediate followers.

There are three sections of the exhibitions and the artworks were organised historically backwards. First section is dark, with contemporary works, the second section with older works in a beige tones and fully lit. Final section was completely white showcasing Botticelli and his workshop. White space is an unusual choice for old masters but it looks great!

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