The Art of Ballet

Russian Ballet is something out of this world. It is absolutely amazing. Last night I went to The Sleeping Beauty in Bolshoi Theatre and I am still under impression. 

Every detail was beautiful: costumes, decorations, movements, orchestra, hall – everything. Ballerinas looked weightless, elegant and fragile. They did not make a sound.. It is amazing how ballerinas’ movements can look so effortless considering how much hard work they put in every day. How many people were involved in production –  producers, choreographers, costume developers, lighting, sound, music and of course dancers themselves. It is a pure form of art.

It would not be so beautiful if it were not for the dancers. They dance so brilliantly due to everyday rehearsals and never ending learning process, tons of hard work through pain. Ballet is not only about choreography but also acting, it is an art of telling a story without words through movements and body language. 

Ballet is hard everywhere but Russian school is especially strict. For a ballet dancer performing on the Bolshoi’s Theatre stage is like winning a Nobel Prize every day. 

I also want to note orchestra and their attitude towards each other. I was sitting at the balcony so I had a good view on orchestra pit. Music was beautiful it goes even without saying. Pyotr Tchaikovsky is a treasure of Russian classic music. When the performance ended everyone in the orchestra shook hands of their neighbours and congratulated each other on great performance. It was very moving. 


Truly amazing. Everything. If anyone has a chance of going to Bolshoi Theatre, make yourself a favour – do not miss it!

P.S. Photos are not great. To be honest it is not permitted to take photos but I could not resist.

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