Century Vogue

National Portrait Gallery has many beautiful exhibitions this spring and one of them is a must for fashion lovers – Vogue 100: a century of style. It celebrates a birthday for an iconic British magazine and fashion bible. The exhibition is on from 11th of February until 22nd of May, so those who are in style still have plenty of time to visit it multiple times!


The exhibition is dedicated to a long history Vogue gathering a wide range of photographs commissioned by the magazine. The retrospective is organised by decades: visitors start from the most recent room 2010s and then go backwards to 2000s and all the way to 1910s. It is nice to see it in reverse and follow how fashion was developing.

Every decade is different and you can see how trends changed in clothes, hair, make up. Some decades signify the revolution of women role in society, some address political issues in society and all this is done in a beautiful fashion manner.

Each room is full of A-list celebrities portraits by top photographers from different industries: fashion models, actors and artists. Exhibition also features 100 magazine covers and short films of how photoshoots were taken.

It is also fascinating to observe how people are dressed, it is no wonder they say that Vogue is the most iconic fashion magazine – it attracts stylish visitors.

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