Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Venice is a national celebration before Christian Lent. During a week different places in Venice offer a costume parties where everyone can put on mask and be someone else for a night. It is a must-go social event – beautiful, mysterious and elegant. When you are walking in the streets of Venice you can see masks and elements of the costumes for sale. They became a part of the Italian Identity. However, this was the first time when I saw pure art of its creation process.

On a hidden street of Venice, Campo San Rocco 3046, there is an Atelier Marega. The atelier has been around since 1300 and is famous for its hand crafted masks and consumes elements. All pieces are beautifully done, with great amount of details from numerous different materials. It was a pleasure to look how the artist was involved in colouring the masks. You can spend a lot of time looking at those stunning pieces and yet find something different and thorough.

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