Bear Witness

Sotheby’s Auction House on New Bond Street in London welcomed guests on 6th of March at BearWitness Preview. The preview was devoted to upcoming sale of lifelong art collection of some anonymous wealthy individual on 11th of March. This preview was different from all the others and here is why.

First of all it is due to unusual hours: the doors were opened from 6pm until midnight. It is rare in London that guests can enjoy drinks and partying until late hours in galleries or auction houses. Secondly, the whole auction house was transformed to accommodate and present the collection. Outside the building there was a giant neon bear above the front door. Inside the building walls were covered with coloured transparent plastic. On the plinth, which is the rightful place of the auctioneer, there was a DJ playing modern tracks and entertaining the public.


The collection itself is incredibly large with almost 650 lots and that is why the auction will be conducted in 3 sessions. The number of lots surely is amazing, but the variety of medias and styles of artworks is fascinating: sculptures, installations, photographs, prints, paintings, collages, wall sculptures and stuffed animals. There is no single concept behind this collection, but somehow it works. The art reveals variety of subjects, but man loves nudity and bears, that is for sure. The whole room was devoted to bear statues of all sizes.

Overall, very bold, modern and fresh presentation. Sotheby’s even created a hashtag #sothebysbearwitness to cover all social medias. Even though the VIP preview was couple of days ago with acrobats and actors, the room was crowded and people were enjoying themselves.

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